Friday, December 11, 2015


Sanusi: Dr M and I living on borrowed time, don't pin hope on us

Alyaa Alhadjri     Published 10 Dec 2015, 10:00 pm     Updated 11 Dec 2015, 7:25 am  

Umno veteran Sanusi Junid admitted today that he and former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad were living on "borrowed time" and urged the people not to pin their hopes solely on them to lead a revolution.

"Don't put your hope on any individual - for example, me or Tun (Mahathir) - because if the individual passes away, then the struggle will end," Sanusi said during a dialogue session featuring the former prime minister in Kuala Lumpur today.

Nonetheless, he pledged that they would still help in any way they could, including disseminating information about 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion scandals.

Mahathir, backed by loyalists such as Sanusi, has been on a warpath against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, demanding that he resigns over these scandals.

Sanusi said the fact that he and Mahathir may meet their maker soon meant there was no reason for them to lie about the scandals plaguing Najib.

"Tun (Mahathir) is 90 years old. I am already 72 years old; we are living on borrowed time.

"Think about it: Would people like us lie near the end of our lives?

"Would we want to be questioned by Allah why we committed wrong near the end of our lives?" he said.

'Now we want to die in the ring'

He added that as leaders who have been with Umno since its inception, their love for the party is unquestionable.

Earlier, Sanusi said he was recently discharged from Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) and was still having trouble walking but had insisted on attending the Umno general assembly held at the Putra World Trade Centre.

"I joined Umno on Oct 13, 1963, and after Umno was de-registered, Tun later became party member 001.

"I am 007, like James Bond. Do you believe that someone who is the first party member would want to see the organisation destroyed?" he said.

Likewise, Sanusi said he was also insistent about coming to see Mahathir speak at the dialogue session today hosted at the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur.

During the event, Mahathir was asked if he would quit Umno in protest against Najib, like he did during his quarrel with former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

However, Sanusi answered on Mahathir's behalf, stating: "Last time is a different time, now is a different time".

"A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. Now we want to die in the ring," he said.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


'Playboy' punca masalah Malaysia, kata Sanusi

10 Dis 2015, 5:25 petang     10 Dis 2015, 7:09 malam

Mendakwa terhalang di Kedah, sebuah cawangan Umno dari negeri itu meraikan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dalam satu majlis di Kuala Lumpur hari ini.
Kira-kira 500 orang bernyanyi dan bersorak ketika bekas perdana menteri dan Presiden Umno itu tiba di Muzium Kesenian Islam ketika Tan Sri Sanusi Junid menyampaikan ucapan penuh bersemangat.
Sanusi diketahui salah seorang penyokong tegar Dr Mahathir dan pernah berkhidmat sebagai Setiausaha Agung Umno serta Menteri Besar Kedah.

Kata Sanusi masalah yang sedang dihadapi negara ini "mudah saja" iaitu "kita mempunyai pemimpin yang tidak ada moral".
Tanpa berselindung Sanusi mendakwa "pemimpin" tersebut sebagai seorang "playboy yang susah untuk mengawal nafsu".

Kata Sanusi, 'penyakit' kedua yang dihadapi negara ini ialah "gila duit".
Kedua-dua masalah itu, katanya, mendorong pihak yang berkenaan mencari duit secara mudah.
"Penyelesaian kepada masalah ini ialah rakyat perlu bangkit. Kita terus membaca dan cuba memahami tetapi kita tak boleh lagi duduk berdiam diri.
"Kita orang Kedah, kita hidup di tengah-tengah sawah padi dan petani tidak tahu untuk bersembunyi," kata Sanusi mengulas mengenai kemelut semasa parti itu.
Seperti Dr Mahathir, Sanusi juga secara terang-terangan mengecam kepimpinan semasa Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Majlis hari ini diadakan ketika lebih 2,000 perwakilan Umno berkumpul di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra di Kuala Lumpur sempena perhimpunan tahunan parti berkenaan.
Menurut Sanusi, Najib kini tidak mampu mengawal nafsunya.

Dr Mahathir sebelum ini mengadu pihak yang cuba menganjurkan majlis penerangan membabitkan dirinya sukar mendapat tempat atas faktor tertentu.

Friday, November 27, 2015


The Evil Najib Regime’s End Days Are Near

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward
Part 1 - Evil
"The Darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis."
In prison, there is an abundance of time.
Time to think.

Time to meditate.

Time to analyse and time to reason.

But, more importantly, time to strengthen one’s faith in God Almighty.

A recurring subject that exercised my mind during my imprisonment was EVIL, how we are constantly struggling against all forms of evil. Never before have I been so pre-occupied with Evil.
EVIL has been defined as profound immorality and wickedness.

Monday, November 16, 2015

BERITA DAILY:(15/11/2015) - Council of Elders

15/11/2015 10:29 AM

'Council of Elders does not violate democracy and constitution'

Veteran Umno politician Sanusi Junid says there are more undemocratic events taking place under Prime Minister Najib Razak's watch

KUALA LUMPUR : The establishment of a council of elders, as proposed by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, will not be running foul of the constitution.

Former Kedah menter besar and veteran Umno politician Sanusi Junid, in defending the idea, said more undemocratic events had taken place under the watch of Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has since rejected the proposal.

"It does not contravene democracy or the constitution. After all what is so constitutional about 1MDB? What is so democratic about sacking the deputy prime minister and a Minister for asking questions on 1MDB?

"If there was a council of elders, would they not advice against the idea of putting loyalty above ability when both qualities are actually required for a person to be minister?" he asked.

Sanusi said this in response to fourth Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's idea of having a council of elders, which had been criticised as unconstitutional and undemocratic.

He said the council, if set up, could eliminate other 'councils' that were damaging the country.

"The council of elders is probably meant to replace 'the council of liars', council of foreign conspirators, the council of shoppers, the council of carpet dealers', the council of spin doctors' and the council of hypocrites' who are damaging the country," he told Berita Daily.

He added that at the end of the day, it's merely just an idea that is subject to agreement by all parties.

Mahathir had proposed a concept where the Prime Minister, who took over from Najib, have a council of elders as advisers.
This council will consist of veteran leaders in giving a second opinion should the premier planned to make a decision that will not benefit the country.

The idea has received mixed reactions from various parties. Analyst Abdul Aziz Bari said the idea does not have place in the federal constitution.

Former Selangor MB Muhammad Muhammad Taib however approved the idea, saying that the elders can act as statesman giving pointers to their 'alma matters'.

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang dismissed Mahathir's proposal, saying that what was urgently needed was a restoration of the institutional checks and balances which had been first destroyed by Mahathir during his long 22-year tenure.

Najib last Friday, through a statement slammed the idea saying that not only was it unconstitutional but went against Malaysia's democratic nature.

Sanusi, the former rural and regional development minister, said personal animosity towards Mahathir should not be the measuring stick to consider the idea of elders acting as advisers.

"One should not dismiss the council of elders just because one hates Mahathir.

"We should instead ask why such a council is thought of and who should be members of the Council?

"Certainly it will not include Jho Low, Deepak Jaikishan, Arul Kanda or any appointee of Tony Blair or any Arab representative of a non existing oil and gas concession," he said.

Sunday, November 15, 2015



The idea for the formation of 'THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS' has brought a lot of excitement.

Much of the excitement is exploited by those who would like the public to forget about the 1MDB scandal. But it is too big a scandal to be easily forgotten.

Even the briefing by Arul Kanda at Tun Hussein Onn Hall on Saturday 14th November, 2015, left too many questions unanswered.
Obviously even the 2016 Budget has not been able to make the public forget this scandal in addition to the RM2.6 billion  'donation' from one of the fictitious donour.

In fact, the more one sees appearances of the characters involved in the scandal the stronger is the memory of the scandal being ingrained into the sub-conscious. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


This is the 5th Part in a series of articles under TAOTC = The Art Of Thinking Correctly. The articles are selected from various books and are intended to enlighten readers with different, hopefully better, ways of looking at things and events.
While the following article is intended to exhibit the creativity of a citizen in the United Kingdom, we can also change the title to 'Nothing2Hide' as a slogan which had recently infiltrated our vocabulary.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Dear readers, you will note that I have changed the title of this series from THE ART OF THINKING CLEARLY TO TAOTC. This is done in order to allow space for the title of the subject. The article is presented verbatim from the original source but the conclusion or summary at the bottom is totally mine. These selected collection of articles are extracted from my FILE OF IDEAS at the TOETI JUAIRIAH LIBRARY.

By Dave Trott

The philosopher Isaac Berlin said there are two kinds of liberties.
Positive liberty and negative liberty.
Positive liberty is the freedom to DO things.
Go where you want, with whom you want, when you want, etc..

Negative liberty is the freedom FROM things.
Freedom from fear, from hunger, from exploitation, etc..

Both these freedoms are undoubtedly good things.
But people refuse to face the truth about them.
The more you have of one, the less you have of the other.

On the other hand:

If you give everyone the freedom TO carry a gun.
You take away someone else's freedom FROM fear.

If you give everyone freedom TO make money however they want.
You take away someone's freedom FROM exploitation.

On the other hand:

If you give everyone freedom FROM homelessness, the state must pay for housing.
Which means higher taxes.
Which means someone else loses the freedom TO spend their money how they want.

No one wants to face these hard choices.
If you want more of one, you have to have less of the other.

Remember science class at school

The most basic rule: Nothing can be created or destroyed.
It can only change state.
We can heat a block of ice, and it turns into water.
We can heat the water, and it turns into steam.
A solid, to a liquid, to a gas.
But the same amount of matter remains in existence.
That's the essence of the zero-sum game.

Nothing new magically appears.
If you want it, it has to come from somewhere else.
How come we don't know that in our business?

If we want more sales, if we want to grow the market, if we want to increase brand share, it has to come from somewhere else.

When was the last time you saw a brief that identifies where we would be taking sales from?
When was the grubby subject of money mentioned?
Who would be putting their hand in their pocket and deciding not to spend the cash on that, but on this instead.

How about never.

We talk about branding and hope it will act like a magnet.
Magically attracting people from somewhere.
Like moths to a flame.
No one wants to identify exactly where they are coming from.

Because, like politicians, no one want to make the hard choices.


Malaysian too have a choice.
In order for the politicians TO have the freedom to do anything as they like, behind our back.
We have to sacrifice our thinking faculty and our capacity for reasoning.
And be satisfied with our subsidies in various forms.
They give the citizens the much publicized tit-bits, in order for them to keep the rest.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Acceptance Speech for the Conferment of an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Philosophy of Management for Tan Sri Dato' Seri Sanusi bin Junid, the 4th President of IIUM, during the 31st Convocation Ceremony of International Islamic University Malaysia. 

Date: Saturday 25th Muharram, 1437H - 7th November, 2015
Venue: Cultural Activity Centre, Gombak Main Campus, IIUM.


Assalaamu'alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaaatuh

Mengadap Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia
Sultan Pahang.  

Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al Musta'in Billah Ibni Al Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Riayatuddin Al Muadzam Shah, DKP.

Ketua Perlembagaan, Unitiversiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia.
(The Constitutional Head of IIUM)

Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultanah Pahang.

Sultanah (Dr.) Hajjah Kalsom.

Canselor Universiti LimKokWing.

Ampun Tuanku, Beribu-ribu Ampun,
Sembah Patik Harap Di Ampun.

Patik Mohon Limpah Perkenan
Kebawah Duli Tuanku
Untuk Mengalu-ngalukan Tetamu Yang Turut Hadir
Seterusnya Mengendalikan Acara Di Dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Ampun Tuanku.

Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri Di Raja
Haji Adnan Bin Haji Yaakob
Menteri Besar of Pahang.

Honorable Tan Sri Dato' Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim
President of International Islamic University Malaysia
and Honorable Puan Sri Datin Seri Masnah Rais.

Yang Amat Mulia Kerabat-Kerabat Bergelar.
Honorable Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin
Rector of International Islamic University Malaysia.

Yang Mulia Kerabat-Kerabat.

Honorable Tan Sri Sidek Hassan,
5th President of IIUM and Honorable Puan Sri Dato' Wan Noorlina Wan Hussin.

Prof. Dr. Torla Haji Hassan
Chairman of IIUM 31st Convocation.

Excellencies and Honorable IIUM Board of Governors, Ambassadors and High Commissioners.

Yang Berhormat Exco-Exco and Ahli-Ahli Juma'ah Pangkuan Di Raja Negeri Pahang.

IIUM Senate Members, Representatives of Institute of Higher Learning from Malaysia and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Countries.

Honorable Tan Sri-Tan Sri, Dato'-Dato',

Honorable Guests and Representatives of Companies.

The Academic and Administrative Staff of IIUM,

Graduands of The 31st International Islamic University Malaysia Convocation.

Happy and Grateful Parents.

Members of The Media.

Ladies and Gentlemen.


Thank you for the conferment, upon me,  of an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Management.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Pencetus 1MDB punca masalah bukan yang bercakap, kata veteran parti

Published: 4 November 2015 6:50 AM 

Bekas menteri besar Kedah Tan Sri Sanusi Junid percaya kesal kerana Umno melihat beliau dan beberapa individu sebagai punca masalah terhadap isu 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) sedangkan mereka cuma menyuarakannya. – Gambar fail The Malaysian Insider, 4 November, 2015.

Mereka yang memulakan 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) dan mencetuskan semua masalah berkaitan dengannya sebenarnya lebih teruk berbanding yang hanya membincangkan skandal tersebut, kata bekas menteri besar Kedah Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

Beliau yang dipercayai termasuk dalam senarai 7 pemimpin Umno yang bakal dikenakan tindakan disiplin berkata orang sepertinya, berani lantang bersuara tidak sepatutnya dijadikan sasaran.

"Jika anda kata mereka yang bercakap tentang isu itu menyebabkan perpecahan, maka orang yang menyebabkan masalah itu timbul adalah lebih teruk berbanding  yang bercakap tentangnya.

"Bukan kami penyebab masalah, kami hanya bercakap tentangnya. Pastinya bercakap tentang masalah itu lebih baik berbanding menjadi pencetus masalah," veteran Umno itu berkata kepada The Malaysian Insider ketika diminta mengulas laporan mengatakan beliau antara 7 yang sedang berada dalam pemerhatian parti.

Kenyataan itu dipercayai merujuk kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak yang mengasaskan 1MDB sebagai firma pelaburan strategik negara dan turut berfungsi sebagai pengerusi lembaga penasihatnya.

Sanusi dikatakan tersenarai sebagai 7 individu yang bakal dikenakan tindakan kerana mengeluarkan "kenyataan tidak masuk akal" terhadap parti. 

Beliau hadir pada satu sidang media bersama 5 bekas pemimpin termasuk bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, bekas timbalan perdana menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dan Naib Presiden Umno Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal bagi menuntut kerajaan agar tidak menggunakan Akta Kesalahan Keselamatan (Langkah-langkah Khas) 2012 (Sosma) terhadap pengkritik parti.

Selain Sanusi, turut dikatakan berada dalam senarai pemerhatian ialah Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Shafie Apdal dan bekas menteri Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin, yang semuanya secara terbuka mengkritik Najib berhubung 1MDB.

Dua lagi dikatakan sedang diperhatikan ialah Ketua Umno Bahagian Sungai Besar Datuk Jamal Mohd Yunus dan Ketua Umno Bahagian Cheras Datuk Seri Syed Ali Alhabshee, kedua-duanya penyokong kepimpinan Najib.

Jamal dikenali sebagai jurucakap utama "perhimpunan baju merah" atau Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu, yang diadakan pada 16 September sebagai tindak balas terhadap perhimpunan anjuran badan reformasi pilihan raya Bersih 2.0.

Bercakap kepada The Malaysian Insider, beliau berkata beliau tidak percaya dirinya antara yang tersenarai dalam 7 pemimpin dalam pemerhatian Umno dan berkemungkinan digantung daripada parti terbesar Melayu itu.

Bagaimanapun, beliau menerima keputusan itu sekiranya ia dibuat Majlis Tertinggi Umno.

"Saya memang tidak percaya (berita senarai 7 pemimpin Umno) berita daripada sumber itu.

"Saya tidak pernah tidak sehaluan (dengan parti) dan (kenyataan saya) selari dengan apa yang diperkatakan dalam parti, kerana saya percaya apa yang diperjuangkan presiden parti berada pada landasannya," kata Jamal.

Beliau yang berjanji akan menghormati dan akur keputusan parti turut menegaskan tidak akan berganjak daripada memperjuangkan Umno.

"Saya tidak ada masalah, perjuangan perlu diteruskan. Saya masih tetap dalam perjuangan Umno. Dalam prinsip saya, pemimpin umno perlu dipertahankan terutamanya presiden parti," katanya.

Sebaliknya, menurut Sanusi, beliau yakin sebenarnya lebih ramai orang sudah hilang kepercayaan terhadap pentadbiran negara dan parti.

Justeru, beliau percaya senarai mereka yang bakal dikenakan tindakan daripada Umno perlu "diperluaskan" lagi.

"Saya teruja dengan perkara ini. Saya rasa kita perlu perluaskan lagi senarai itu dan ada jawatankuasa warga bagi menilai skandal-skandal ini, aktiviti penipuan yang sedang berlangsung," kata bekas ketua penerangan Umno sewaktu Dr Mahathir menjadi presiden parti itu.

Ini kerana, "psike" nasional kini berupa kebencian terhadap pentadbiran negara katanya, sambil menambah orang ramai dahulu takut dengan kerajaan namun skandal demi skandal yang terbongkar merubah ketakutan itu kepada kebencian.

"Melangkaui ketakutan adalah kebencian dan orang kini mula membenci dan belajar membenci. Maka semua elemen ini, personaliti yang berasaskan dengan mencipta ketakutan.

"Mereka boleh mengugut orang, tetapi mereka perlu ingat, dengan mencetuskan ketakutan, mereka memberikan orang keberanian," katanya kepada The Malaysian Insider.

Sementara itu, bekas menteri penerangan Zainuddin berkata, beliau tidak sedih atau tersinggung kerana dikatakan sedang dipantau untuk tindakan disiplin.

"Saya tidak ada isu. Saya tidak ada masalah jika mereka mahu menggantung saya atau putuskan saya.

"Saya tidak mempunyai kepentingan dalam Umno. Saya tidak rugi apa-apa walaupun sekiranya saya keluar," beliau dipetik sebagai berkata oleh portal berita Malaysiakini. – 4 November, 2015.