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These were the notes prepared by me for a 20 minutes presentation at the above conference on the sub-topic of 'Peace and Justice'. The conference was organized jointly by The Perdana Global Peace Organization, the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalize War and The Perdana Leadership Foundation. These organizations are led by Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. These notes would take about 40 minutes to read but I have summarised the salient points into a 20 minutes presentation.

Here we go.

The moderator Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Nik Mohamad bin Yaacob

Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,

Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali,

Ladies and gentlemen.

1. In 1969 there were two big demonstrations in London. I was involved in both of them.

2. The first demonstration was against the bombing and burning of Al Aqsa Mosque on 21 August, 1969.

3. Before the demonstration was held we invited the great Ulama from Pakistan, Maulana Abul Ala Maududi, to address the organizers of the demonstration who came from all over Britain.

4. As he was a great Ulama we chose to have the gathering at a grand hotel The Hilton. We hoped that he would be pleased with the choice of this hotel for a reception.

5. When he saw The Hilton he refused to address us there because he regarded the hotel as a Jewish institution.

6. We therefore moved our gathering to the Commonwealth House where Maulana Maududi delivered his speech which was translated by his assistant Bro. Kurshid Ahmad.

7. The enthusiasms of the organizers were whipped up and they managed to bring out about one million demonstrators on the streets, marching from Marble Arch to
Trafalgar Square

8. On the stage beside the Lion at
Trafalgar Square
many speakers spoke impressively with great emotion. All of them condemned the Jews for the bombing of Al Aqsa mosque.

9. Initially, some spoke in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi until I heard one white man asking his friend ‘ What are they demonstrating about?’ I then realized that the majority of the marchers spoke only English.

10. I immediately told the chairman of the organizing committee of this question – what are they demonstrating about. He responded by asking me to speak. But I knew that if I went up the stage the Malaysian demonstrators, who came to the demonstration because of me would just slip away. Most Malaysian students just enjoyed the outing but not too serious about the demonstration.

11. We finally decided that Wan Ismail should speak. Wan spoke in fluent English with a slight Kelantanese accent.

12. He was so impressive that a respectable gentleman of Arab origin, with Swiss citizenship, came to our secretariat the following week wishing to meet Wan Ismail.

13. I asked the gentleman whether he was an Arab or a Jew and he replied that he was Said Ramadhan the Secretary General of Ikhwanul Muslimin.

14. So impressed was he with Wan Ismail that his sister is now married to Dato’ Wan Ismail.

15. Today, after 40 years since the demonstration, THE HILTON is right in front of Masjidil Haram in Mecca.

16. The only positive outcome of that demonstration is the children that Wan Ismail have out of his marriage with Fatma, the sister of Said Ramadhan.

17. The occupation and atrocities caused by the Zionists on the Palestians has not stopped since the bombings and burning of the Al Aqsa mosque.


18. There was another demonstration later that year on 15 October, 1969.

19. The anti-Vietnam War demonstration.

20. After a big do at the American Embassy in London the marchers moved from Marble Arch to
Trafalgar Square
. We would like to believe that there were 3 million demonstrators on that day. Many came from all over Europe.

21. Among the observers were some American boys from Oxford, including Bill Clinton, who stood on the pavement of Marks and Spencer, looking confused.

22. Today, the Americans are out of Vietnam.

23. The question then is – are the Americans out of Vietnam because of that massive anti-Vietnam demonstration that we had in London in 1969.

24. The answer is obviously No.

25. If that one demonstration was the reason then the Israelis would have been out of Palestine with the earlier demonstration.

26. Obviously, the Americans quit Vietnam not only because of continuous demonstrations being held against the war all over the world, but also in the United States itself.

27. In addition to that the funding of the war was taxing on the US economy and more so the corpses of the American servicemen were coming home in increasing numbers.


28. Based on the Vietnam war it does appear that for a war to stop the following conditions must prevail:

a. Public opinion must be built up against the aggressors globally so as to affect foreign relations,

b. Public opinion against the war should be built up in the land of the aggressors so as to affect the choice of government in an election,

c. The number of the dead from the aggressor nation becomes intolerable,

d. The dead should include relatives of influential people in the government of the aggressor nation, and

e. The strain on the economy of the aggressor nation is being felt.


29. While talking of previous war in Vietnam and the present wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine please allow me to bring you near home to the wars that took place over the last 132 years just a few hundred miles from the coast of Malaysia.

30. Those are wars fought in nearby Aceh. Aceh is a state of only 22,149 sq. miles in size ( which is 44.38 % or almost half the size of Peninsular Malaysia of 49,915 sq. miles ) with a population of 3,930,000 ( about 20.76 % of the population of Peninsular Malaysia of 18,933,406 ) in the year 2000, before the Tsunami. Aceh is only 175 miles or 152 nautical miles from Malaysia ( from the coastal town of Langsa to Penang ) situated on the northern tip of Sumatera Island of Indonesia.

31. This Aceh state, formerly a nation by itself as there were still no Indonesia or Malaysia as it is today, has fought six wars in 132 years from 1873 to 2005. The wars are:

a) The Aceh Anti-Colonial War ( 1873 – 1880 )

b) The Second World War ( 1942 – 1945 )

c) The Cumbok Civil War ( 1946 – 1947 )

d) The Anti-Colonial War of Independence ( 1945 – 1949 )

e) The DI – TII Religious Civil War ( 1953 – 1963 )

f) The GAM – RI War for Independence ( 1976 -2005 )

32. Teungku Chik Di Tiro, a great Acehnese leader was killed in 1875 in the first Anti-Colonial war after he killed the tyrannical Dutch General Kohler in 1873.

33. Teungku Muhammad Daud Beureu-Eh was the leader who fought and won in the subsequent 4 wars with son, Teungku Hasballah Daud as one of the commandants in one of the wars.

34. Teungku Hasan Di Tiro led the last war which ended in the Helsinki peace treaty in 2005.


35. When I was asked by a group of leaders who were fighting for the independence of Aceh, many of whom were my relatives who were led by my uncle Teungku Hasan Di Tiro, to resign from my post as Deputy Minister of Land and Regional Development of Malaysian government, and jointly lead in the last war, I asked 7 questions. They were -

i) Why should we fight this war?

ii ) Where are the weapons coming from?

iii) Are there enough funds to finance the war?

iv) What happens after the war?

v) Is this a religious war?

vi) Where do we train our soldiers?

vii) Is there any manual or guidelines for the war?


36. I was told by Teungku Hasan that it does not take much persuasion for an Acehnese to accept the logic for a war against the 'unjust'republic.

37. As to weapons, I was told from the Americans.

38. As to the funds he mentioned a few American philanthropists

39. What happens after the war? We will replace all the oil companies, such as Mobil Oil, with Occidental Petroleum, then headed by a Jew Armand Hammer

40. He also explained that we cannot make this war appears to the world as a religious war for then we will be classified as terrorists. It has to be a war of liberation in order to get American and Western support. To the locals it could be declared as a Jihad as that would make them willing to die.

41. I was also informed that we do not need any training for our fighters because it is a guerilla war and Aceh had vast experience in this type of war.

.42. As to to the guidelines he recommended 1) War Commentaries by Julius Caesar, 2) Plutarch’s lives, 3) Clausewitz on War and 4) books by Nietzsche.

43. Not trusting the Americans and unconvinced with all the answers I suggested that we should first educate the Acehnese and nurture their business, knowing well that the Acehnese are very entrepreneurial. I suggested that Aceh could then be to Indonesia as California is to the United States of America.

44 Teungku Hasan was unhappy with my suggestion and blurted that 'if the Acehnese are educated and prosperous they would not like to die.’ I then became confused on the purpose of liberation.

45. There ended the relationship between a nephew and and an uncle.


46. It turned out that when the War started there were no weapons from America.

47. There were no funds from American Philanthropists.

48. Either the Americans of Teungku Hasan lied.

49. In fact, in trying to please the Indonesian government, after Indonesia agreed with the American suggestion for the formation of APEC, which Malaysia initially opposed, the leaders of the Free Aceh Movement, had to immigrate to Sweden

50. It was only after the Lockerbie incident, when Libya organized a conference of Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries, that Libya became the training ground for Acehnese liberators.

51. Funds for the war were collected from the Acehnese themselves whether local or overseas.

52. Some resorted to drugs smuggling which becomes a habit after the war. Many young Acehnese are still waiting in Malaysian prison to be hanged for drug trafficking.


53. That war did not end with any victory for any side. The peace-treaty was a face-saving compromise for both sides. Even the terms of the peace treaty will not necessarily be honoured.

54. The war was ended by the TSUNAMI.

55. More civilian Acehnese have died during the Tsunami than the Indonesian soldiers could ever kill

56. More Indonesian soldiers have died than GAM could ever kill even if the war have continue for the next 100 years.

57. Both sides were exhausted. The result is PEACE.

58. Based on these personal experiences I have often reminisced over the question as to when will the world be tired of wars.

59. Will there be peace when there is justice?

60. The war in Aceh did start with injustice. But it certainly is not justice if Occidental Petroleum takes over from Mobil Oil should the war end with Aceh achieving independence.

61. The war in Aceh did not end with justice. It ended with fatigue on both sides.

62. The war in Vietnam also ended with American fatigue.


63, Professor Joan Robinson of London School of Economics told me, and all her students, that when the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer the effort to resolve this contradiction will result in a revolution, which means war. That’s Marxian.

64. Sigmund Freud appeared to be attributing everything, even war, to sex.

65. Bertrand Russell attributed human turbulence to the struggle for power. Eventually, it is war.

66. Whether, in a capitalist world individuals are sexually driven or crazy for power or wealth, Richard Nixon has pointed out in his book ‘The Real War’ that wars are fought over natural resources.

67. If in trying to secure natural resources nations are led into wars, nations can only continue fighting if they have economic resources to do so.


68. Money is needed to fight wars.

69. Money for the 3 Fs - Food, Fuel and Fire - meaning weapons.

70. After all, Professor Lionel Robins of the London School of Economics had defined ‘ economics as a science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means, which have alternative uses’.

71. If war is to end the alternative uses of scarce resources should not be for war.

72. Since there is no acceptable criteria as to when the economic distribution of wealth can be considered to be fair and just; as there is no mechanism to measure the fair and just level of achievements in the desires of Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon and Hitler; and there is no acceptable standard for comparing a fair distribution of power among nations and individuals, I will conclude that, while we carry on arguing on what is just and the differences in the perception of justice, wars can only be stopped if:

  1. Energy is used, and funds employed, for mass education of the people so that public opinions in the world are against wars;
  2. There people prefers to spend money on education, health and housing rather than use their economic and financial resources to fight wars;

  3. We can stop the production of weapons and instead focus our effort at upgrading the value of human lives, and

  4. The casualties of wars are unbearable by the aggressors.


73. We can still remember when, after the visit of the British Foreign Minister, Lord Balfour, before America entered the Second World War, the Jewish bankers were promised that should America enter the war then Britain would ensure the creation of the State of Israel after victory was achieved.

74. Subsequently, the bankers proceed with the purchase of newspapers and media network after which public opinion was orchestrated to ensure American entry into the war.

75. The rest is history.

76. There is no evidence that the media is out of their control now, either directly or indirectly.


77. No further digression is necessary to affirm that natural resources, particularly oil, and gas, is in the hands of the aggressors. Even though the oil and gas are in Muslim countries.

78. However it is important to note that the banking and financial system of the world is also controlled by them.

79. Despite the current global financial crisis the system remain protected in their hands. Money and wealth belonging to Arabs and Chinese are still kept and measured in the US$ and it is in the Chinese and Arab interests to protect the currency.

80. Should leaders of nations, with vast oil and gas resources, mostly Muslim nations, had the courage and wisdom, they could have controlled tha banks during the peak of the recent financial crisis.

81. But it is not an easy task.

82. In defense of their monopoly on the banking and financial system we should continuously be reminded of successful and unsuccessful assassinations of great leaders who ever attempted to interfere in the banking and financial sectors of the powers that be.

83. The bankers will resort even to assassinations to protet their system.


84. On 14 April, 1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes sBooth when he authorized the printing of US$450 million in green ink called the ‘Greenbacks’. He neither taxed the people for his budget nor did he borrow from the banks, in the normal way.

85. He annoyed the banker and he was assassinated.


86. On 22 November, 1963 John F. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

87. There are many reasons offered for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. One of the reasons however coincided with that of Abraham Lincoln. That is the printing of money without going through the normal banking system.

88. The author A. J. Weberman asked the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1994 as to whether the CIA was responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. She replied ‘The answer to the Kennedy assassination is with the Federal Reserve Bank. Don’t underestimate that. It is wrong to blame it on Angleton of the CIA per se only. This is only one finger of the same hand. The people who supply the money are above the CIA.’ She did not, however, deny the CIA’s involvement.


89. On 22 February, 1974 an attempt was made by Samuel Byck to blow up the White House in order to assassinate Richard Nixon. Byck went to the nearby airport and shot the airport security guard, killed an air hostess, shot a co-pilot but failed to persuade the other pilot to fly to the White House to kill Nixon. Byck shot himself in the head and the case was close.

90. Looking for a monetary resons for the attempted assassination of Richard Nixon , which failed, it is obvious that he defied and destroyed the Bretton Woods System by opposing the World Bank and the IMF when he removed the gold backing to the US$ on 15 August, 1971.


91. On 25 March, 1975 Al Malik Feisal was killed by his nephew Feisal Mas’ud. Was Malik Feisal ever a threat to the financial system?

92. Al Malik Feisal was the only Arab leader who could unite the Arabs and make them agree to the introduction of the Petro Dollar. Al Malik Feisal’s advisor was Professor Karl Schiller who was my economics Professor in Hamburg, Germany. He later became the Economics Minister in the cabinet during the boom period of Helmut Schmitt. He was one of those responsible for the advice to OPEC to increase the price of petroleum.

93. The bankers were frightened of the Petro Dollar and were very unhappy with the increased price of oil. Schiller mentioned this fact after his Lee Kuan Yew lecture in Singapore in his later years.


94. On 28 September, 1978 Pope John Paul I went to bed and was found dead in bed the next morning. According to the author David Yallop the Pope was poisoned.

95. What was wrong with Pope John Paul I?

96. He annoyed the bankers when he wanted to remove the control of Vatican Funds from the Masonic bankers John Calvi and Sindona. When David Yallop exposed the conspiracy in his book ' In God's Namae' John Calvi was found hanging head-down under the London Bridge in Blackfriars and Sindona was forced to drink cyanide while in a Milan prison waiting for his trial.

97. The bankers were frightened of what the Pope could expose. The Pope was poisoned and the plotters were based in Chicago which was the richest Catholic diocese in the world.


98. If the above 5 leaders have been sacrificed while attempting to interfere in the world financial system the question is 'will Islamic banking reform the banking system?'

99. The answer is NO. Not as it is now.

100. If it would then the Jewish bankers would not be giving awards to specialists in Islamic Banking for which the specialists are very grateful.

101. The only Islamic aspect of Islamic banking is the halal usage of the loans and the products of Islamic banking are free from usury or riba.

102. But the bankers are pleased that the specialists, who are mostly non traditional bankers, do not touch on whether the multiplier effect on deposits, which create wealth, but just by multiplying the credits many time the deposits, is Islamic or not.

103. So long as this aspect is untouched there is no necessity for any further assassination.

104. I am sure the bankers are happy that the Chairman of The Perdana Global Peace Organization and the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalize War ( KLFCW ) retired from his Prime Minister’s post before he could see his Gold Dinar idea materializes.


105. When the Acehnese won the war against the Dutch there were no bombers and there were no tanks. The Dutch did come with their trucks, canons and guns.

106. However the Dutch lost the war because their trucks were paralyzed by the number of asam belimbing trees which were felled to block the roads from the airport.

107. There was no way for the Dutch mercenary soldiers to win in a man to man combat with any Acehnese volunteers.

108. Despite the bombs and rockets the American loss to the foot soldiers in the Vietnam War.

109. There was no way for the US to have an easy win in Iraq when it was necessary to be on the ground before a victory is declared. It will be the same in Afghanistan.

110. But these wars will go on with so many weapons still unused and with the continuous invention of new weapons such as the recent non-nuclear bomb, the MOP, weighing 15 tons which can pierce through concrete walls weighing 4.5 tons to destroy weapons hidden by those walls. These bombs can be fitted into the bomber Stealth B-2. ( UM 14-10-2009 )


111. The war in Vietnam came to an end after a massive campaign against it world-wide, the American economy was effected, with the ineffectiveness of the weapons used in guerilla warfare and massive return of the corpses.

112. The GAM – TNI War ended as a result of the Tsunami.

113. With all the casualties in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan when will these wars end.



114. It will end if we can educate the public and mobilize public opinion against wars by having more seminars, more conferences, more demonstrations, more books, more pamphlets, more messages through the internet and posters distributed globally and persistently.


115. It will end when all leaders of aggressor nations ( Bush and Blair as good examples ) are identified as hypocrites, madmen appearing to champion human rights, and disguised as champions of democracy, are condemned and not turned into heroes. Voters in every national election should chose anti-war candidates to be their representatives and not give their mandate to leaders with a mission to slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children anywhere in the world.

116. We should redefine the meaning of a leader as not being ‘someone with followers’ but as ‘problem solvers’.


117. It will end when the scientists behind the inventions of all the weapons are made aware that they are accomplices to the murder of innocents and that they do not deserve the honor, as evil scientists, for the possession of their knowledge.


118. It will end when the soldiers and their relatives are ashamed if that profession is only for killing, and not protecting, the innocents.


119. It will end if we can execute economic sanctions, materially and financially, against the aggressors. If we can boycott their products and services permanently instead of on occasion as we are currently doing.

120. We should not allow warlike nations to prosper.

121. It will end when deposits in banks owned by pro-war nations are depleted.


121. Above all we need large and strong anti-war brigades of volunteers comprising of anti-war patriots of all ages, from all over the world, who are committed, through their NGOs, to put an end to all wars.

122. Members of these brigades should be sincere, honest, brave, discipline, committed and hard-working citizens of the world who are loyal to the cause.

123. Let us call, through this conference, for courage from all. Of course the line of demarcation between courage and stupidity is very slim and without thickness.

124. But we should not confuse between wisdom and cowardice.

125. While men can and will carry on arguing over the many meanings and levels of Justice only WE CAN STOP WARS, AND ARGUE IN PEACE, BY FIRST CRIMINALIZING THE WAR-MONGERS - BUSH AND BLAIR.

- 2 p.m. 29th October, 2009


Anonymous said...

The message is very clear, Tansri!

chombi said...

salam tan sri, saya antara yg kerap jugak dok bukak blog tan sri ni. Banyak ilmu yg saya timba di sini baik politik semasa, imbauan lampau dan terbaru ni pasal war tribunal. Saya rasa bangga masih ada pemimpin prihatin spt Tan Sri dan Tun Dr M yg sanggup bersengkang mata, berkudrat tenaga untu tonjolkan malaysia sbg negara cintakan keamanan dan membela mangsa perang yg teraniaya ini. Saya cukup suka part ni:
When I was asked by a group of leaders who were fighting for the independence of Aceh, many of whom were my relatives who were led by my uncle Teungku Hasan Di Tiro, to resign from my post as Deputy Minister of Land and Regional Development of Malaysian government, and jointly lead in the last war, I asked 7 questions. They were -

i) Why should we fight this war?

ii ) Where are the weapons coming from?

iii) Are there enough funds to finance the war?

iv) What happens after the war?

v) Is this a religious war?

vi) Where do we train our soldiers?

vii) Is there any manual or guidelines for the war?

and of course this:

It will end if we can educate the public and mobilize public opinion against wars by having more seminars, more conferences, more demonstrations, more books, more pamphlets, more messages through the internet and posters distributed globally and PERSISTENTLY.
but before that, we need to bring bush and blair to justice and not forgotten, donald rumsfeld, benjamin nyentanyahu, ehud olmert. Memang betul kita boleh berarak sana sini, tapi bila ada tindakan pendakwaan, barulah keadilan itu bermakna. Jika tidak, makin ramailah pemimpin tamak kuasa in terus memukul gendang perang....tks