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01/09/2015 08:12 AM
Sanusi: Najib should have listened to Dr M

The Umno veteran says had Najib heeded the advice of Mahathir from the start, he could have avoided numerous problems besieging the nation now

KUALA LUMPUR: Najib Razak's resignation alone will not pacify Malaysians as they want to see culprits behind the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal brought to justice, former Umno vice-president and ex-minister Sanusi Junid said.

He also said the prime minister should have listened to the advice of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad from day one as this would have enabled him to overcome various challenges with ease.

“Things are now out in the open despite attempts to hide it. However there is no solution in sight. The burden to clear the matter lies with Najib. He has not done anything to clear his name. The trust in government institutions is also on the down trend," he told Berita Daily in an interview.

The former Kedah menteri besar said this when asked on his thoughts on the criticisms against Najib, led by Mahathir, mainly on the government strategic investment arm 1MDB, said to be saddled with a RM42 billion debt.

Sanusi, an Umno member since 1963, pointed out that Mahathir, who was active in Umno even before Najib was born, had a vast network of contacts with feedback that he could not ignore.

He said when the 1MDB issue was first raised by the opposition, the government ignored it. However Mahathir studied the issue and found to his horror that the 1MDB fiasco could result in the downfall of the ruling Barisan Nasional.

“Tun Mahathir raised this issue with Najib in addition to other issues that fell on deaf ears. Mahathir then started writing memos and long letters on various issues...that was ignored as well. This led to Mahathir having no choice but to voice out loudly as he does not want Umno to lose.

“Unfortunately the Umno leadership tried to lump Tony Pua and Mahathir in the same opposition camp. Tony Pua raised the issue (1MDB) in order to defeat Barisan Nasional, but Mahathir raised the issue in order to solve the problem and to ensure Barisan Nasional wins the next general election,” he said.

Mahathir has predicted that Umno will lose GE14 should Najib remain in power.

“Najib would be lucky if Mahathir is wrong," said Sanusi.

He added that he has not met any party member who is honestly not worried about the coming general election.

“Najib himself knows by now that he does not have the full support for his leadership from Umno members. Umno members at all levels are already speaking against Najib, but only some are doing it loudly,” he said.

The 1MDB cabinet

In July, Najib reshuffled the Cabinet which saw the sacking of ministers who have been vocal against him and 1MDB including former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin and former rural and regional development minister Shafie Apdal.

Sanusi who is also a former rural and regional development minister is unsure if the reshuffle had actually given Najib a better and more united team.

“The new cabinet appears to be united in only one way and that is they are defensive of whatever that has happened to 1MDB and are also vocal in their attacks against Mahathir. That is why I call it a 1MDB cabinet,” he said.

He added that Muhyiddin, as an Umno member has all the right to ask and keep on asking questions on 1MDB.

“Muhyiddin knew too little about 1MDB as Najib kept everything to himself, without really getting the approval of the Cabinet or even letting them know about the massive financial dealings of 1MDB whose loans are fully guaranteed by the government.

“Should Najib go, the government without him will still be responsible for the loan repayment. Can the Cabinet be made responsible for something that they do not even know?” asked Sanusi.

“Muhyiddin as the deputy prime minister then had to answer questions asked by Umno members and the public," said Sanusi.

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Assalam Tan Sri,

It is possible for UMNO members to ask for an EGM? What is the requirement to request for one of this? Reason for the EGM is to settle the leadership issue by conducting an early party election.

Could you please elaborate more on this matter.

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