Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I was quite surprised for the Prime Minister to take such a long time, and to choose a new Attorney General, to 'reveal' to the public as to who the donour was or donours were of the RM2.6 billion.
When the news was spread that the donation was being made by an Arab, I instantly wrote or spoke, somewhere earlier of the following, of my imagination on the following possible sources: 
a) A member of the Arab royal family, or
b) An Arab who is being paid a few million dollars to admit that he had donated RM2.6 billion.
It would be difficult to pin-point 'that' generous member of the Arab royal household as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them. The idea of a search was also closed when the Prime Minister said that the donour would like to be anonymous.
It would not be difficult to find a good looking, well dressed, tall and smart looking Arab to pose as a donour if a few millions are paid, to just claim that he alone, or as a member of a group, donated the amount, without him having to pay even a single cent.
I did not mention of any possible Arab businessman making the donation, as I know the like of Walid Ibn Talal, having received his honorary doctorate at the International Islamic University Malaysia, when I was the President, as being too smart to waste his money on the like of the Prime Minister. 
Tun Dr. Mahathir had revealed that it was difficult to get donations from any Arab country even to build the campus of the International Islamic University Malaysia. He further said that he could not even get a respond to his many requests for a small donation, in addition to what Malaysia had contributed, to complete the renovation of the Islamic Centre at Oxford University.

To me, the recipients of his appeal letters must have had the opinion that Malaysia, being a prosperous country, need not have to make such appeals, or each recipient must have thought that other recipients of such appeal letters must have contributed.
Of course Malaysia of old could fund, and did fund, without having to borrow, to complete the two projects at Gombak and Oxford, but the appeal letters were meant to invite participation in such novel undertakings.
Suddenly, I read a comment that 'even a mad Arab would not make such a donation'. This comment was followed by an article in an Arab newspaper with the 'approximate' heading 'WE ARE NOT AMUSED WITH THE RM2.6 BILLION DONATION'.
In other words the Arab population itself did not believe of the possibility.
During the same period it was claimed that the donation, besides being made to fund the 13th General Election, was also meant as a 'thank you gesture' for Malaysia's success in fighting the IS terrorists. This later claim was not followed through as IS existed AFTER the donation was being made.
As to funding the 13th General Election, there were admissions by a few prominent individuals of having received between one to two millions ringgits.
It is around this time that the Prime Minister stressed of his preference for loyalty rather than ability for someone to be in the government.
How could the Attorney General deal with such a situation.
Obviously he is appointed on the assumption that he would be loyal, whatever the cost may be. If ability is the preference, the former Deputy Attorney General, Tan Sri Shafie Abdullah would have been promoted to the post of Attorney General. Tan Sri Shafie of course would not like to make a fool of himself after winning the case in the trial of 'Sodomy 2'. It would be better for Tan Sri Apandi to do the dirty job first.
In accordance with the Societies Act, political organizations must declare their statement of accounts, and are not allowed to receive funds from foreign sources as that would mean foreign political interference into local politics.
As I was in the Ministry of Home Affairs when the above provision was made, I made a statement asking 'What if China, or an ANONYMOUS generous Chinese businessman from China decide to donate more than RM2.6 billion to the DAP for the 14th General Election.
There is no way for the Prime Minister to deny that the RM2.6 billion was received by him. He admitted and even those who received a little bit of it were in praise of the amount received from the so called Arab.
UMNO leaders, will of course admire such a gesture from the anonymous Arab donour, particularly a little bit of it went to them.
The question then was what happened to the rest.
In order to put the case to rest, bring in the Arab royal family, as it sounds Islamic and declare that the balance was REFUNDED TO THE ANONYMOUS DONOUR.

There is now a ripple of protest as to the reason for the donations to be refunded when it could be used for the benefit of the people.

Some suggested that the donation for BN to defeat PAS who were then associated with the Egyptian Ikhwanul Muslimin, particularly when Morsi had just taken over the government of Egypt. Now that PAS appears to be closing in with UMNO there is no fear of the Ikhawanul Muslimin factor.

Such argument might be acceptable to the more ignorant population.
The only new thing in the whole scenario is the word REFUND.

The government headed by the PM, finds the finance ministry, headed by the PM, not complicit in allowing 1MDB, headed by the PM, to finance the political party, headed by PM, to allow the pension fund of the government headed by PM to transfer money into the account owned by the PM. Sounds Ok to the AG appointed by the PM.

Such write up is not likely to be helpful to the future of Malaysia under Dato' Seri Najib's leadership.


Nak Jugak Dapat Derma said...

Tan Sri, mohon izin nak share kronologi jawapan berkenaan dengan perkara derma yang tengah viral dalam media sosial untuk kita menilai semula betapa celarunya orang yang terima derma.

Kronologi Derma 2.6 Billion

Jawapan 1 : (Diam)
Jawapan 2 : Akaun itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 3 : Ejaan nama Najib Razak oleh WSJ adalah silap.
Jawapan 4 : Saya tak guna duit itu untuk kegunaan peribadi.
Jawapan 5 : Penulisan Wall Street Journal adalah berunsur fitnah.
Jawapan 6 : Saya akan saman WSJ pada hari Selasa.
Jawapan 7 : Yahudi sedang menyerang Malaysia.
Jawapan 8 : Adalah bodoh jika Najib Razak guna akaun sendiri untuk terima wang
Jawapan 9 : RM2.6 bilion itu tak wujud.
Jawapan 10 : RM2.6 bilion itu adalah Derma.
Jawapan 11 : Penderma RM2.6 bilion itu adalah adalah dari Timur Tengah.
Jawapan 12 : Najib berhak untuk merahsiakan derma.
Jawapan 13 : Pembangkang perlu isytihar Penderma.
Jawapan 14 : Tun Mahathir cemburu tak dapat duit derma sebanyak itu.
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Jawapan 16 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan IS
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Jawapan 22 : Bank Negara tahu, saya tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan
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Jawapan 24 : Azalina uthman- ya kah?mungkin zahidi lebih tahu dari apa yang kami tak tahu
Jawapan 25 : Saya telah membelanjakan kesemua RM 2.6B untuk kegunaan umno
Jawapan 26 : Henti kan fitnah. Wang itu wang derma bukan rasuah. ( Issue fitnah kembali berkumandang)
Jawapan 27 : Aishah RA juga di fitnah. Tapi sudi memafkan penfitnah. Aishah RA berjiwa besar.
Jawapan 28 : SPRM jumpa penderma tunggal, bukan lebih dari seorang.
Jawapan 29 : RM 2.03B telah di pulangkan kembali kepada keluarga diraja arab
Jawapan 30 : Tiada kesalahan jenayah di lakukan oleh PM. Minta SPRM mengugurkan kertas siasatan dan kes di tutup kerana tiada fakta jelas dan tiada bukti.

P.S.: Wang derma tu tak perlu pulang balik la, patut diguna untuk Bajet 2016, jadinya tak payahlah ubahsuai bajet kerana kejatuhan minyak mentah dan kelemahan ringgit.

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri, cerita kebaikan budi orang yang pulang balik derma sudah jadi tauladan dan amalan rakyat Malaysia yang lain.

HarithIskander dalam twitter beliau menyatakan macam ini:"Mamak shop boss belanja me a Kopi-o cause "he liked my comedy shows". I drank 9% of it n sent the rest back cos i wasn't thirsty."

Bertuah sungguh Malaysia kalau ramai lagi yang ikut amalan pulang balik derma ini, manalah tahu semua yang dapat BRIM pun pulang balik. Kalau ini berlaku mestilah Malaysia akan berada pada peringkat pertama mana-mana carta pertandingan pulang balik. Mungkin pertandingan pulang balik di berbagai peringkat mulai dari negeri, persekutuan dan antarabangsa dapat diperkenalkan mulai tahun 2016 ini sempena mengenang keluhuran budi Najib Razak.

Anonymous said...

Macammana bijak seseorang itu tetap ada batasannya,tetapi bagi si bodoh tidak ada 'limit'.Kebodohan tidak ada noktah.Mereka boleh cipta sejuta lagi jawapan yang bodoh untuk tutup kerja bodoh mereka itu.Cara tindakan mereka senang diagak.Peguam Negara sudah diberi dedak dan mental sudah jadi tidak stabil lagi.Contoh jawapan yang akan mereka beri kepada rakyat selepas ini adalah,"antara sebab kertas siasatan itu ditolak adalah kerana terlalu banyak kesalahan 'grammar'."

Anonymous said...

Najib adalah Bapa Lanun yang sangat berjaya dalam transformasi yang dilakukannya.Orang ini berjaya mengubah sikap jujur,amanah dan ikhlas menjadi satu dosa besar.Golongan agamawan kuat mempertahankan pahlawan bogus ini,langsung membuktikan 'kepercayaan' mereka yang palsu.Mereka percaya yang merekalah pihak yang baik,dan yang menentang adalah jahat.Mereka lupa Al-Quran itu mengajar kebenaran,yang kelihatan baik belum tentu benar.Hati mereka sudah dihitamkan.Rakyat menanti Najib dijatuhkan segera,namun saatnya tidak kunjung tiba.UMNO sukar dipulihkan,namanya sedang diusung ke sana ke mari oleh sekumpulan penjahat dan intelektual palsu.Allah tidak ada awal dan akhirnya,tetapi parti politik tetap ada awal dan akhirnya.Maka sudah sampai masanya asas perjuangan UMNO dipindahkan ke jasad baharu.Solat hajat tidak akan membantu tanpa kita berusaha mengubah nasib bangsa sendiri.