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Based on my years in politics, I believe that BN will easily WIN in the coming State Election in Sarawak. They might have less percentage of popular votes.

The recent statement made by the Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem that he would quit the post of Chief Minister if UMNO gets into Sarawak is a brilliant two edged master-stroke which indicated the clarity of his thoughts and the wisdom of his political thinking. 
For, the surest way for BN to lose in the coming State Election is for Tan Sri Adenan to loudly declare that he will welcome UMNO into Sarawak.
Tan Sri Adenan's explanation for UMNO's entry into Sabah is correct. The same reason does not exist for Sarawak.

How does one explain the far too many very frequent visits of the Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak to Sarawak compared to the previous Prime MInisters, including his own father Tun Abdul Razak.
Similar questions were asked as to the necessity of the Prime Minister leaving the country for Hong Kong, as one of the world's financial centre, during the Isra' Mi'raj period; followed by a New Year celebration at The Atlantic, being one of the most expensive destination in Dubai followed by a religious Umrah visit to Mecca which is a normal ritual for UMNO leaders, Mecca being thought of as the best place for repentance.  The year end celebration in Dubai was however cancelled because of a fire at the top of one of the famous hotels.

Many honest friends in Sarawak believe that Najib's frequent visits, and the orchestrated crowd, which have been brought to show support for him, at great costs, are more in Najib's interest than for the good of Sarawak. It is similar to the ex-Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair's, and the United State President Barrack Obama's many visits to Malaysia compared to their predecessors.

Tony Blair made many visits after his retirement from office instead of visiting Malaysia during his long tenure in office as Prime Minister of Britain. If Mr. Blair could compromise his faith by quitting the Anglican Church, in favour of the Catholic Church, when he was no more the Prime Minister of Anglican dominated Britain, he certainly had business interests to benefit from visiting Malaysia and NOT because 'MALAYSIA IS TRUELY ASIA'.
I was once asked by one of two conservative party members in London, who was a friend of the ex CEO of the Standard Chartered Bank, where I was a former employee when the Standard Bank was not yet amalgamated to the Chartered Bank, as to 'Why is Malaysia using Tony Blair's men as its advisors, when they have messed up in Qatar and Kuwait?' I did not ask what they meant.
I did however asked Tun Dr. Mahathir whether he was aware of Tony Blair's men in the Prime Minister's office.

As to President Barrack Obama, his many visits have shown that he succeeded in trapping Malaysia into signing the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) which he explained to the American public was SOLELY in the interest of the USA.
One of Najib's Minister have explained that the entry into the TPPA agreement is a necessity as it opens up a market for Malaysian products. He forgot that China, which is the biggest business partner of USA, is not even a democratic country. It is a communist country which helps to support American capitalism.
Israel, a country which Malaysia does not recognize, is still importing our palm oil without Malaysia having to sign the TPPA.
It is the quality, the necessity and the cost of Malaysian products which determine their marketability. It is simple economics although it is not simple for American products to enter the Chinese market. 

And now we read of  Malaysia's offer for a base in Sabah, where there is UMNO. Is Sarawak ensuring that idea as having a base be withheld by withholding the entry of Umno into Sarawak.
Despite the closeness of Najib and Obama, and with all the technology that the United States of America have, as seen in the movies, they were of no help in helping us search for the missing MH 370.
The American Ambassador in Malaysia is said to have explained to the Prime Minister's wife that 'even the American president could not interfere' with the investigation into the 1MDB.

We have also recently heard of a high ranking police officer questioning the rationale of Tun Dr. Mahathir's call for Najib's resignation, despite him being elected democratically in a General Election. It appears to this police officer that Tun Dr. Mahahir could wait for the coming General Election for a leadership change. Pressuring Najib to resign now, appears to the police officer, that Tun is not respecting the democratic institutions.
I am sure the police officer, unless he is not getting an honest feed-back from the Special Branch, was not talking on behalf of the opposition. He should know that despite all the cosmetic projects, loudly yelled pronouncements and slogans, the opposition would be the first to ask for Najib to stay on in order that they can guarantee a defeat of UMNO and the BN during the next General Election.

But even the opposition would not like to be held responsible for perpetuating the sufferings of the people just because the continuation of Najib's reign would guarantee them success in the coming 14th General Election in Malaysia.

Another question which came from Najib himself is of Tun Dr. Mahathir's cooperation with and encouragement to foreigners interfering in the internal affairs of independent Malaysia. This, he said is against Tun Dr. Mahathir's own principle when he was in power.
Such question can fool the uninformed public for a while, but is it not 1MDB, the creature that Najib created, which have been the cause of all foreign interventions. The Swiss, the Americans, the British, and those in Hong Kong and Singapore would not like 1MDB operating against their laws which are meant to protect their capitalist institutions, for money laundering can cause disaster to capitalism itself. Almost all the main media in 90% of the civilized world knows and agree that Malaysia is the second most corrupt nation in the World. With Najib staying a little longer we might win the 'corruption race' to being No. 1.  
The loan is now said to be increased from RM42 billion to RM50 billion.

The 3 IPPs (Independent Power Plant)s were at one time claimed to bought by a local company to indirectly be government controlled and thereby look after the interest of the power consumers. How can that claim be upheld when the IPPs are sold to the Chinese of China?


In the campaign during the 12th General Election the opposition campaign slogan was 'ABU' (Asal Bukan UMNO), meaning 'So Long As It Is Not UMNO. This, among many other reasons, BN lost the states of Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan. However BN retained the slim popularity votes.

In the campaign for the 13th General Election UMNO was not put in the forefront, as Najib's advisors thought that Najib was more popular than UMNO. As such the campaign slogan was 'We Love Najib.' Najib's photos were scattered everywhere. As a result we did not do better than in the 12th General Election but also lost the popular votes.


In the current Sarawak State Election, while the more intelligent Sarawak BN leaders know of Najib's unpopularity but it is not politic to keep Najib out of Sarawak, and further more, Najib's promises of more Kings, or more cash as 'Cash is King', while not necessarily possible, with all the debts, to enforce or implement, it is certainly pleasant promises to hear during an election, particularly by the less informed.

It was therefore decided that Najib's photos will not be used as campaign materials during the election. To accommodate such decision, only photographs of candidates can be used. That leaves Najib out politely.


What can we then expect as a strategy in the coming national 14th General Election? Certainly 'We Love Najib' cannot be a campaign slogan, as we see posters asking 'Where is the RM2.6 billion?' posters in the Sarawak Election.

There are suggestions by Najib's supporters that following a BN victory in Sarawak a by-election should follow suit in Sabah.

While the BN government can forbid the use of all photographs in the Sabah election, when held, it is certainly impossible to wipe out from the memory of the rakyat the ugly image and painful memory of Najib if he leads the BN in the coming national 14th General Election.


A challenge was said to have been made that Najib would resign if the majority votes obtained in the Sarawak election diminishes AND the campaign 'MENYELAMATKAN MALAYSIA' obtained their target objective of getting one million signatures to the 'PEOPLE'S DECLARATION.'

It is quite easy to get 1 million signatures to the 'PEOPLE'S DECLARATION' if it is done on line. More than 1 million will sign in good time. But it is on the Sarawak Election that the challenger is made brave, except that a BN victory in Sarawak does not mean that BN can win in the next national General Election if Najib is at the helm of BN, or if he resigns too late for UMNO to patch up.

The promise to resign for whatever reason is mere hypocrisy.




Anonymous said...

Faridina is writing..

Assalamualaikum Tan Sri,

Totally agree with you Sir that BN will make it through in today's Sarawak 11th State Election but I guess they will not be able to achieve the targeted 70 seats simply because the Sarawakian voters wanted to send signal to other Malaysian and Federal Government that they are smart too and understands the magnitude of Pee M Najib's 1MDB and 2.6 billion scandals and he must step down!

My prediction is that they will not even be able to retain the 66 seats won in the last state election.

Pee M Najib is a liability to the whole nation and Sarawakian will starts the fire!

We shall see the result to believe by the end of today 7/5/16.

Wasalam Tan Sri.

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri, your prediction that BN will win easily turn out to be true. Your point of view also shared by Phoon Wing Keong in his observation that the win is merely a vote for Adenan not BN. You can read the whole article in the following link

I am totally agree with him that Sarawak Election has confirmed the sad reality of UMNO that are now in its weakest situation where they have to agree to every demand from the state including a demand for greater economy.

Below is the full article from The Sun:

Press Digest: 'It may be a vote for Adenan, not BN'
Kong See Hoh

PETALING JAYA: Both Barisan Nasional (BN) federal and state leaders have attributed the coalition's better-than-expected Sarawak polls showing to the swing in urban and Chinese voters back to BN.

However, political columnist Phoon Wing Keong pointed out that the outcome does not necessary mean the urban and Chinese electorate support Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) or BN but merely giving Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem a strong mandate to strive for greater autonomy for the state when Umno is at its weakest, Oriental Daily News reported today.

He explained that compared with the campaign mounted by the Opposition against "Pek Moh" (white hair in Hokkien), or then chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, in the last state election, the "Sarawak for Sarawakians" call, which was central to the just concluded polls, struck a cord among the people in the state, who generally felt their rights had been eroded since the formation of Malaysia.

"Adenan had been a successful "leader of publicity" in the last two years, and what he had done had gone down well with the urban and Chinese voters.

"As such, the expectations the people of Sarawak have in Adenan are different from those they had in Taib: they are not looking at good governance and integrity but want more autonomy for the state.

"Just when Umno is mired in infighting and at its weakest; and Najib (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak) needs the support of East Malaysian political parties, Sarawakians showed their biggest support for Adenan, so that Sarawak is in a stronger position to ask for more autonomy."

If Adenan cannot deliver, the state BN may face a political tsunami in the next state election, he opined.

Asked whether the landslide win is a boon or bane for Najib, Phoon said it will help the prime minister in the short term, including auguring well for the arguments that "the people support BN and GST" and "1MDB is not an issue", but could become a baggage for BN in the longer term.

He foresaw that Najib will face increasingly more political demands from the state which will have a negative impact in the next general election if he does not handle them positively.

End of article.

Anonymous said...

Sedikit perbaikan...

Bukan a demand for 'greater economy' tetapi a demand for GREATER AUTONOMY.

Thank you.