Friday, March 16, 2012



1. This posting is too good to be mine.

2. The ideas were read to me by Bapak Said Umar from his hand-phone. Bapak Said Umar arrived at the Jeumpa D'Ramo Guest-House in Kuala Lumpur from Jakarta after mid-night of 12th March, 2012.

3. Bapak Said was not well and had to be assisted from the car to his room on the ground floor of the guest-house. He was lucky to have Sdr. Shahrir, Sdr. Robae dan Sdr. Zulkifli to look after him at the guest-house.

4. After seeing Dr. Sidek, for his alternative medical treatment and advice, Bapak Said was able to go up the stairs by himself the next day.

5. He forgot about his sickness when he received the following sms, through his Blackberry hand-phone, from his friend.

6. However, he could not transfer the message to my hand-phone. We had dinner together on the night of 14th March. As I was leaving the next day for a conference, I requested that he types out for me and remit the message to my hand-phone.

7. This morning I received the following message which conveys the argument on who are the terrorists.

8. However, the message was shorter than what Bapak Said received on his Blackberry. It is said to be of a German Muslim's origin. I have completed the message from memory. Readers can add their versions.

9. Readers should remit this message worldwide as the questions asked are actually the answers to the questions themselves. Here it goes:

10. i. Question: Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America?

Answer: Muslims?

10. ii. Question: Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in South America?

Answer: Muslims??

10. iii. Question: Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown into the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: Muslims ???

10. iv. Question: Who did the killings during the Inquisition?

Answer: Muslims ????

10. v. Question: Who killed more than a million in the era of Lenin and Stalin

Answer: Muslims ?????

10. vi. Question: Who killed in the 1st World War?

Answer: Muslims ??????

10. vii. Question: Who did the killing in the 2nd World War?

Answer: Muslims ???????

10. iix. Question: Who did the killing during the holocaust?

Answer: Muslims ????????

10. ix. Questions: Who hid the fact that more than a third of those who died in the holocaust were not Jews?

Answer: Muslims ?????????

10. x. Questions: Who did the killins in Vietnam and Cambodia?

Answer: Muslims ??????????

10. xi. Question: Who manufactured all the weapons for mass killings of human beings?

Answer: Muslims ???????????

10. xii. Question: Who did the killings in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Answer: Muslims ????????????

10. xiii. Question: Who are going to do the killings in Iran?

Answer: Muslims ?????????????

11. Advise from a Muslim: First of all you have to define terrorism properly. Take note that if a non-Muslim does something bad ,,,,,, and very bad ..... like killing ..... it is just a CRIME. . But if a Muslim does the same ..... he is definitely a terrorist. If one is honest he must first remove this DOUBLE STANDARD.

12. Question: Will one then knows who are the terrorists?

13. Answer: No .... Muslims do not know.

14. Questions: Who knows?

15. Answer: The terrorists.


Jan Coolen said...

Tan Sri.

Why dont you ask who kill the Innocent Dutch people in Acheh.

Who kill the Christian crusade in Jurusalem.

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri,
Why we ask a question why 95 % of the 1.5 billions Muslims in the world are living in poverty today? Why? because 85% of them are living in Muslim Majority and independent country and led by rich, affluent and corrupt leaders or kings who are really the economic terrorist and thieves among these Muslim?

Anonymous said...

@Jan Coolen, why Ducth ppl are in Acheh at the first place?

@Jan Coolen, why Christian crusade is in Jerusalem at the first place?

Anonymous said...

I think the terrorists are Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tze Tung.

Both of them killed more people than any muslim or Caucasian or Jew combined.


Grand Master of Vancouver Lodge said...

LOL! Jan Coolen, y u so silly?

Are you kidding? It was called the DUTCH INVASION of Aceh.

The DUTCH got bankrupt from it, just like AMERICA now with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now they have a statue Remembering the Acehnese who killed their Invading General. Maybe someday they will have statue of Osama in New York.

Douchebag Crazy Judeo-Christian origin and assimilated people:
Attacks Peaceful people,
Cry foul when they get their a**es handed to them

Douchebag Hypocrites:
(Snouck Hungronge & Master of Ceremony Mason Brother Anwar Ibrahim)
Seem to know and always complain about Muslim problems,
Was & continue to be part of the cause of the problem

Douchebag Followers of Crazies & Hypocrites:
Loudly demand the truth,
Can't handle the truth

Peace out! LOL!
R.I.P Lulsec

Jan coolen said...

That not my point.We invaded Acheh because they want to be indepedent state.After we left Suharto continue to kill Acheh people.We were not wrong.?

I raise this question because Sanusi want to jusify why so many people were killed in the war.That is normal.You go to war and you got kill.
Dutch govertment is not bankrup.We are batter off than. Acheh and Indonesia.

Kamal said...

Tan Sri Sanusi.

Saya dapati dalam CV Tan Sri ada di nyatakan tan Sri pernah menjadi Vice President UMNO pada 1990-1993.

Menurut kawan saya Dato Affifuddin,Tan Sri pernah bertanding dalam jawatan VP UMNO tetapi kalah.

Sila betulkan rekord peribadi.

Grand Master of Vancouver Lodge said...

LOL! Jan Coolen, y u so silly?

You didn't invade Aceh,
unlike me, you don't even have the guts to reveal who u r ;)

n you're not dutch, coz dutch ppl today, not this stupid

that is y they not bankrupt like the old dutch.

guess you don't know history coz its too complex for you,

America played both sides in the Aceh-Indonesia war so that they can profit

plus i don't think you read very well,

the question is not why ppl were killed in war, but who are the real terrorist?

the answer is overwhelmingly NOT the Muslims.

Douchebag Jan Coolen:
Don't understand rhetorical question.
Keep trying to answer with wrong facts.

Peace out! LOL!
R.I.P Lulsec

Harapkan Atas Pagar, Atas Pagar Makan Padi said...

Mohon Maaf Tan Sri,

Kamal ni bukan kawan saya, dia ni paraplegic yang tak dak kerja lain selain baca blog Tan Sri.

Jadi bila ada jumpa silap sikit dia pun excited.

Dato Affifudin
Ahli MT UMNO 1990-1993, eh 1993-1996

Kamal said...

Affifuddin kata semasa Syed Nahar jadi ketua Perhubongan UMNO Kedah,Sanusi meminta kapada Perhubongan UMNO ia hendak bertanding VP UMNO.Jadi mereka hendak jaga hati dia ,mereka mencalunkan Sanusi.Tan Sri Wan Mokhtar upset?Syed Nahar menghantar Affifudin ka Tengganu untok berjumpa dengan Wan Mokhtar?Affifudin memberitahu Wan Mokhtar sunggoh pun mereka mencalu Sanusi tapi Kedah tak akan beri undi kapadanya.Mereka akan beri kapada Wan Mokhtar.Sebab itu Sanusi kalah dan Wan Mokhtar menang.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamualaikum Kamal, cek balik sejarah ye. Betullah TS Sanusi Junid Naib Presiden UMNO 1990-1993 bersama Anwar Ibrahim & Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.