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I reproduce herewith a letter from Dr. Ang Swee Chai, the author of the book From Beirut to Jerusalem which was sent to Mr. Michael Young, The Editor of the Daily Star Beirut on 12th January, 2014.
As most of my readers will not have access to the Daily Star Beirut, where the letter is supposed to be published, and in the spirit of the freedom of expression I provide the following title to the letter -

Mr. Michael Young,
The Editor,
Daily Star Beirut.

Dear Mr. Young.

The passing of Ariel Sharon brought back the memories of the horrors of the Sabra Shatilla massacre of September, '82. I arrived in August that year as a volunteer surgeon to help the war victims of Lebanon.
The people in Lebanon were wounded, made homeless and lost precious friends and families as a result of ten weeks of ruthless bombardment.
That was the operation Peace for Galilee launched by Sharon who was then the Defense Minister of Israel in June, 1982.
No one knew how many was killed as the result of that offensive - the London newspapers estimated at thirty thousand with many times more made homeless. When a ceasefire was agreed with the evacuation of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Sharon broke that ceasefire and drove tanks under air-cover launching a land invasion into Lebanon's capitol Beirut.
Part of the tanks sealed Sabra Shatilla and prevented the helpless civilian victims from escaping, while sending in Israel's allies into the camps to carry out the most brutal massacre of defenceless women, children and old people under Israel's watch.
The blame was quickly and deliberately shifted to the Lebanese as perpetrators of the massacres, so that today no one can mention that massacre without blaming the Lebanese Phalange, yet forgetting the Israeli organizers of that event.
I worked in Gaza hospital in Sabra Shatilla during the massacre trying to save the lives of a few dozen people, but outside the hospital hundreds were killed.
My patients and I knew that Sharon and his officers were in control, and without them the massacre would not be possible. The residents of Sabra Shatilla could at least have escaped.
Now, more than 30 years later, we know that the killers were brought in by Israel armoured cars and tanks, obeyed Israeli commands, their paths lit by Israeli military flares, and some of them also wore Israeli uniforms.
The mutilated bodies of the victims were thrown into mass graves by Israeli bulldozers.
This Sharon continued on to be Israeli Prime Minister, and built the Wall which imprisoned the Palestinians in the West Bank.
Sharon's Wall cut through their lands, separating people from their homes, children from their schools, farmers from their orchards, patients from hospitals, husbands from wives, and children from parents
He marched into the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem in 2000 with fully armed Israeli soldiers and tried to have the West believe that his intention was for peace.
He was responsible for other massacres such as in Jenin, Qibya and Khan Yunis just to name a few.
The older generation in Khan Yunis in Gaza remembers that he killed all the grown men in the massacres of 1956 and left only the women and children to bury the dead.
I thought these facts should be publicized. Those who eulogize Sharon in his role of building Israel should also remember that he built his nation over the dead bodies of the Palestinian people, and the continued dispossession of those who are still alive.
Dr. Ang Swee Chai
Author of From Beirut to Jeruselem
12 January, 2014.

Dear Readers,

I have only this to say. Hitler appears like a student when compared to Sharon the master.


Anonymous said...

Let him go. 10 years may not be enough but.......

A L TAN said...

Even the blind can feel this world order denotes that human race is split into two, the ruling class ie the political elite and their close associates and the common people who have to work hard and make a living.
Most of the decision which affect the common people livelihood is made by the political elites.
It is noted from all the conflict in this world be it in Middle East, Africa or in North Korea, the war is always between the political elites and the common people are trapped in between.
Women, children and senior citizen would be the first casualty from the conflict and the political elite usually escape unscathed.
So does less one political elite in this world will make a difference?
One go and it will be replaced by countless others who clamored for power and wealth that come with being a political elite.