Sunday, November 15, 2015



The idea for the formation of 'THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS' has brought a lot of excitement.

Much of the excitement is exploited by those who would like the public to forget about the 1MDB scandal. But it is too big a scandal to be easily forgotten.

Even the briefing by Arul Kanda at Tun Hussein Onn Hall on Saturday 14th November, 2015, left too many questions unanswered.
Obviously even the 2016 Budget has not been able to make the public forget this scandal in addition to the RM2.6 billion  'donation' from one of the fictitious donour.

In fact, the more one sees appearances of the characters involved in the scandal the stronger is the memory of the scandal being ingrained into the sub-conscious. 

Umno members are still, not openly, but surely, questioning the illegal aspect of the RM2.6 billion 'donation' by a foreigner to a political party when the Society's Act is against such contribution in order to prevent foreign intervention in our political affairs.
I was even worried that the Chinese government, or one of their rich philanthropists, being angry at the way the Umno sponsored Red Shirt army were passing harassing remarks at Petaling Street, during their last demonstration, might just decide to donate more than double or triple the amount 'donated' by the fictitious Arab.
Other enlightened Umno members are questioning the where-about of the balance of the 'donation' while further questioning the reason such donations do not appear in Umno's balance sheets.

The recipients of a minute part of the RM2.6 billion donation are now silenced into embarrassment when their public unabashed confession became the subject of a police interview of Tun Dr. Mahathir. They hope that better days would soon come in order that their follies are forgotten.
Questioning the rationale for the idea of a 'COUNCIL OF ELDERS' will not make the public, particularly future voters, forget that a Deputy Prime Minister, who is also the Deputy President of Umno and another Minister, who is also the Vice President of Umno, were being sacked from the Cabinet for questioning on 1MDB.

What about the removal of the previous Attorney General while investigating the scandal and the transfers of some officials involved in the investigation.

The promotion of 4 PAC members into the government is read as being intended to delay the investigation thereby giving time for adjustments and transfers of assets and liabilities to be made to make the molested 1MDB look good after the embalmment. That is probably called corporate restructuring in line with the spirit of transformation. In short, to cover up the fraudulent activities.
The powers that be must be of the opinion, or must have been advised by 'THE COUNCIL OF LIERS', 'THE COUNCIL OF FOREIGN CONSPIRATORS', 'THE COUNCIL OF SHOPPERS', 'THE COUNCIL OF CARPET DEALERS', 'THE COUNCIL OF SPIN DOCTORS' and 'THE COUNCIL OF HYPPOCRITES.' who are damaging the country to oppose the idea of 'THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS.'.

Tun Dr. Mahathir was only suggesting for 'THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS' to advise the next Prime Minister. The present Prime Minister should not be unduly worried because the council is not meant to advise him. His advisors such as Jho Low, Arul Kanda, and the rest are well known to the world.

Had there been a COUNCIL OF ELDERS do you think that the 1MDB loan could be secretly guaranteed by the government without the Cabinet knowing about it. Would it have been an off budget government guaranteed loan done secretly.

Would THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS, if it comprises of former Finance Ministers of Malaysia, agree to giving Goldman Sachs such a high commission of 10% when our Bank Negara Malaysia could have obtained the loan without any charge. Would the COUNCIL OF ELDERS agree to borrowing from banks for a cost of above 6% per annum when previous experiences in borrowing merely incur very low interest rate?

Would THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS agree to the purchase of IPPs whose licenses were soon expiring and the government would have taken over the plants with minimum payment if any payment is necessary at all.

Would THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS agree to the use of TNB, LUTH, KWAP etc to participate in a salvation effort by accepting the burden of taking over losing investments, buying properties, at the expense of future profits, which could be used for other national programs.

Would THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS hail the Islamization programme whereby the BORROWED money by 1MDB provided by the JEWISH bankers Goldman Sachs, at high RIBA rates being used to sponsor THE HAJJ pilgrims when ISLAM only commanded that only those who can afford are required to perform the Hajj. Does this make the RIBA burdened 1MDB operation look Islamic. THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS will surely not praise such a circus act of white-washing.


There is no clear definition as to who should be the members of this council.

And who will appoint the council members.

One thing is certain and that is the members should be up to date with current events and knowledge to even dream of being in the council. I am sure there are ambitious individuals who would like to be on this council.

Voters should make suggestions as to the type of individuals who should be in the COUNCIL OF ELDERS.

Simply put the idea for the formation of the COUNCIL OF ELDERS should at least indicate that the present advisors to the government are responsible for the present state of affairs.

THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS could of course support the COUNCIL OF RULERS whose advise are currently ignored by the government.

HAVING A COUNCIL OF ELDERS is no less democratic than having the COUNCIL OF RULERS.


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