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Dear Readers. The following article was submitted into this blog on 19th June, 2016, i.e. before Donald Trump was elected President of the USA. I reproduced this article with a new title DONALD TRUMP - THE PRESIDENT ELECT. The original title was DONALD TRUMP - ISLAM AND COMMUNISM. A second article on Donald Trump will soon appear with an analysis of how he won. The title of the next article will be DONALD TRUMP - WHY HE WON? 


1. In his campaign for the United States presidency Donald Trump promoted the anti-Muslim and anti-Chinese stunts.

2. Donald Trump, in his effort at wooing the support of the American working class, the Jewish communities and institutions, might have forgotten that American capitalism is surviving with the support of the Arab Muslim leaders and the communist Chinese entrepreneurs.

3. The Muslims and the communists buy and accumulate the bonds and other derivatives in the United States of America.

4. When President Richard Nixon abandoned the Gold Standard, in 1971, due to the inability of the USA to pay for its excessive accumulated debts, for imports, with insufficient gold reserve, the US$'s value was linked and based on petroleum, in pursuant to the earlier USA agreement with Saudi Arabia that the Saudis will only accept payments for their oil and gas in US$ - thus the petro-dollar.

5. In other words, it is with the support of people with Islam as their religion, and the Chinese, with communism as their ideology, that capitalism survives in the United States of America.

6. Donald Trump appears to make enemies of Islam and communism which are the two pillars supporting capitalism in the United States.

7. It is true that with cheap labor in China, which resulted in industries moving out of USA, that Americans are losing their job opportunities; but it is also true that the American consumers are benefitting with the availability of cheap China-made consumer and other products.

8. It is not wrong to say that American and European companies are also benefitting by exporting cheaper products with their brand-names manufactured in China where labour is cheap.

9. I have discussed at length in my acceptance 'speech for the professorship of Nanjing University in China, on the possible cooperative relationship between the Muslims of the world and the Chinese communists. After all it was Mao Tse Tnng who said that, ' Islam is communism plus God, while communism is Islam without God.'

10. It is probably politically good for Donald Trump to appear brave, tough, muscular and heroic by just rhetorical outbursts and doing shadow boxing with the Muslims of the world and the large mass of communist Chinese, in his effort to win the nomination of his Republican party.

11. It is better, probably wiser and more matured, for Donald Trump to zero in on the fewer entrepreneurs, the like of Ali Baba, Prince Walid Talal, and investors from the Muslim's and Chinese world to assist him, should he become president, in building up other types of businesses and industries, and not just in his area of real estate, for the labor market of the USA. Or, is that what he will do should he wins the presidency?

12. I am sure Donald Trump did not intend to annoy or dissociate himself with all of the 2.08 billion Muslims of the world and the 1.357 billion communist Chinese, 10% of whom are included in the total number of Muslims.

13. Although Muslims generally do not provide cheap consumer products to the United States, they certainly assist the American weapon industries when Muslims make very good targets for practice, with American made weapons, in Muslim countries of Africa and the Middle East.

14.  The less known American-Saudi agreement, which probably annoys Osama Ben Ladin, also benefitted the USA when all the Saudi's income from the sales of oil and gas to the United States must be used for investment in the United States inclusive of the purchase of the US weapon and war machines.

15. We are not sure that Donald Trump have read or have been briefed of these facts as a candidate for the presidency.

16. As for Donald Trump's hatred for the Muslims and Islam the candidate for the US presidency should just listen to the Muslim Da'i, or preacher, Zakir Naik to answer all his doubts and prejudices. Zakir Naik has memorized the Quran, the Bible, and other religious books, including those of the Hindus and Buddhists.

17. Donald Trump should also listen to the speech by the Jewish Rabbi Michael Lerner during the Memorial Ceremony of the world's greatest boxing legend, Muhammad Ali on 10 June, 2016. In his speech the pastor pledged the support and sympathy of the Jewish community of the United States towards the Muslims of the United States and the world. The pastor could understand the impact of discrimination towards the Muslims everywhere as the Jews had experienced and suffered in earlier years.

18. The Pastor was with Muhammad Ali when both of them refused to be enrolled as soldiers for the American War in Vietnam, with Muhammad Ali risking the loss of his boxing championship title. For the record Muhammad Ali died on 3 Jun, 2016.

19. For the record, the Americans loss the war to the poor and ill-equipped Vietnamese, despite having massive number of soldiers, with sophisticated weapons, and the latest warplanes and warships.

20. As to China I know of three Chinese leaders, 2 from the Peoples Republic of China and 1 from The Republic of China or better known as Taiwan.

21. Zhao Ziyang was the Prime Minister of the Peoples Republic of Chine (China) for 7 years and 75 days between 10 September, 1980 to 24 November, 1987. Before becoming the Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang was the Governor of Guangdong (1974 - 1975) and the Governor of Sichuan (1975 - 1980)

22. I was the Cabinet Minister (not a priest) in attendance to Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang when he officially visited Malaysia. During breaks between his heavy schedule I asked Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang a few questions, the answers to which, fascinated me.

23. Among the questions I did ask was the reason for China, while establishing diplomatic relations with Malaysia, continues to maintain cordial relationship with the militant Communist Party of Malaysia.

24. Zhu Rongji was the Prime Minister of the Peoples Republic of China (China) for 4 years 364 days from 17 March, 1998 to 16 March, 2003. Before becoming the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Zhu was Mayor of Shanghai (1987 - 1991), Governor of People's Bank of China (1993 - 1995) and First-ranking Vice Premier (1993 - 1998).

25. Vincent C. Siew or Siew Wan-chang was Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) from 2008 to 2012. Before becoming the Vice Premier Vincent was the first Taiwanese-born Premier of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and former vice-chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT) party.

26. From chapters 161 to 169 and chapters 175 and 247 in my paper delivered in a SEMINAR on ENTREPRENEURSHIP in HIGHER EDUCATION organized by the University of Malaya from 13th to 14th December, 2011, I narrated on my interaction with Vice President of Taiwan Vincent C. Siew.

27. From chapters 170 to 175, in the same seminar, I narrated my interaction with Prime Minister of The Peoples Republic of China Zhao Ziyang.

28. From chapters 248 to 251 of the paper at the same seminar I narrated my interaction with Prime Minister of The Peoples Republic of China Zhu Rongji.

29. I was in the Home Ministry when tasked to entertain George W. Bush Sr. with 'nasi lemak' at the stall adjacent to the old Hilton Hotel at Jalan Tun Ismail, on his two visits to Kuala Lumpur, when Bush was the Director of the CIA, before becoming the President of the United States of America.

30. When the Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir visited the United States of America, Canada, France and Switzerland in 1985. I had the chance, as Minister in Attendance, to observe the interaction of Tun Dr. Mahathir with President Ronald Reagan at lunch in the White House, Prime Minister Trudeau, at the Toronto Telecom Tower and President Mitterrand of France at his palace.

31. On one of the nights we were entertained to dinner by Vice President George W. Bush Sr. at his resident. I overheard the President telling Tun Dr. Mahathir of his fondness for 'nasi lemak' or 'coconut milk rice' (my definition). One of those listening asked Tun Dr. Mahathir to explain 'nasi lemak', and it was the first time I heard of the explanation on 'nasi lemak' and the method of preparation, which sounds to the questioner as such a 'high-tech' Malaysian product which only Malaysia could produce.

32. At lunch with President Ronald Reagan I heard the dialogue between President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir. When asked by Ronald Reagan for the reason that the Muslims are fond of fighting, Tun Dr. Mahathir replied, 'Its not true that the Muslims like fighting. In Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and many other Muslim countries there is peace and the Muslims are not fighting.'

33. 'Why are the Arabs fond of fighting then?' asked Ronald Reagan.

34. Tun Dr. Mahathir replied, 'Well, they have a lot of money and couldn't spend them all on necessities of life, so they bought what is offered by the Russians and the United States of America - weapons. What are weapons for? To fight? Who do they fight against? Themselves. Without the weapons they cannot fight.'

35. Reagan interrupted by saying, 'So, you are blaming us for selling the weapons to the Muslims?'

36. Tun replied, 'I did not say that. You said it Mr. President. And its probably true.' There was laughter all around.

37. It was when we were still in the USA that we read a report saying that Ronald Reagan was asked, in a press conference, the question 'What do you think of marijuana, Mr. President'.

38. Reagan replied, 'That country must have joined Socialist International.' Obviously thinking that marijuana is a country instead of a drug.

39. Despite Reagan's lack of knowledge he was no doubt still one of the best Presidents America ever had. He certainly was a leader as he was a problem solver for his country. 

40. In my exposure to the many world leaders I noticed that the Chinese leaders are more cordial  than political leaders of the West. It appears to me that the Chinese, as the South Koreans and the Japanese, are more cordial and friendly to visitors.

41. The humanness of the Chinese leader can be seen in the reply made to me by Premier Zhao Ziyang, to the above question in paragraph 23 as to why China retained its cordial relationship with the terrorist Malaysia Communist Party while having diplomatic relation with Malaysia.

42. Premier Zhao replied, 'You will like this sweet-sour fish politic of ours. It will make you trust us more. Before Malaysia becomes our friend we were close friends of the Communist Party of Malaysia. It is not our policy to abandon old friends when we befriend their enemies. Now that Malaysia is our friend we still maintain our friendship with them but we do not support their aggressive agenda against Malaysia any more.'

43. Premier Zhao continued, 'Malaysia will certainly have enemies in the future; but you can be sure that we will not severe our friendship with you even when we befriended your enemy in the future.'

44. When I asked Premier Zhao, 'How can we trust you then?' He replied, 'Time will tell. As the Chinese saying goes - The strength of the horse depends on the distance it can run; but the sincerity of the heart is measured by time.'

45. It is therefore not proper for Donald Trump, as a candidate for future President of the USA to be picking up quarrels with the Muslims and the Chinese before really exploring the reasons for them leading their country in the ways they can afford or think fit.   

46. In Malaysia too we do have misunderstandings between the various races. If a Muslim and a Chinese could see through the attitude of Donald Trump, they might then understand the reasons for the misconception circulating around the subjects of whom to hate, to fear and to love.

47. Some Malaysian politicians who, in desperation, are motivated by Michiavellian philosophy, inherited from current advisors or by sheer exposures during student days in western universities, believe that 'it is far better to be feared than to be loved.'

48. By this philosophy it is assumed that when someone loves you the decision not to love is in that someone's hand, and not in yours; but if you have caused, or planted, fear in anybody or somebody, then the degree of fear can be adjusted or geared higher or lower by your own action or decision. You therefore have no control over other's love for you but you can adjust the degree of fear that you can instill in your targeted victims.  

49. In Malaysian politics, due to the country's demography the majority Malays or Bumiputras, or indigenous population, dominates political power; the Chinese dominates the economy while the Indians function as middlemen, since they dominate neither, although an Indian is the second richest person in Malaysia.

50. It is therefore the Malay majority Bumiputras who are always afraid of losing their political dominance while using that dominance to correct economic differences by affirmative actions. The Chinese on the other hand feared that their economic dominance might be eroded without them gaining enough, in proportionate compensation, increase in their political power.

51. As the Malays and Bumiputras are afraid of the erosion in their political dominance, caused by disunity, it has become common practice of calling the Malays to unite within UMNO and/or with UMNO, during an election, in order for the Malays not to lose their political power.

52. This call for unity of the Malays, in order to prevent the erosion of political dominance, unfortunately includes the protection of the corrupted Malay politicians and civil servants who are part of that unity requirement.

53. On the other hand the non-Bumiputras, particularly the Chinese, are threatened, by their leaders, at losing their economic power if they do not unite to prevent the lost.

54. Though China is famous for its aggressive action against corruption, even to the extent of invoking capital punishment, in other parts of Asia, with ethnic Chinese population, it is the Chinese entrepreneurs who corrupted the native politicians and civil servants, in order to win tenders or awards for government projects. Much as they benefit from the corrupt practices, they would rather pay less for the contracts if the cost of the projects are not increased to facilitate the corrupt payments.

55. Can one blame a Chinese businessman for bribing? If he does not pay the bribe or 'donation' others will pay, even non-Chinese businessmen from other nations.

56. It is to the advantage of the Chinese businessmen that the Malay civil servants have the impression that receiving payments as  'donations' from Chinamen is safer than getting them from the Malaysian Malays, as the Malays would be spreading the news of who are the recipients. The Malay officials, or politicians, are unaware that the Chinese networking is more elaborate and sophisticated to know as to who are on the takings.  

57. As such, there is no other way to fight corruption in Malaysia until the Malays, Chinese and all the citizens are made aware that 'corruption' is the biggest enemy of the nation and that it is being protected, or veiled, by the differences and suspicions among the various races, particularly the Malays and the Chinese.

58. That moment has now come. It is an historische notwendichkite - a historical necessity. The idea of all races fighting against corruption, and putting aside all political differences, and party considerations, is now made possible. It is possible because the effect of the corruption scandal surrounding 1MDB is so massive that it effects almost every citizen in the country.

59. Despite the artificial orchestrated blindness of the government controlled print and electronic media, plus the government backed cyber troopers, towards the 1MDB scandal, the others, local and foreign media, are making the people, or rakyat, aware of the adverse affects of the scandal on the nation.

60. The unity to fight corruption is a different kind of unity from that which is called by UMNO heads. UMNO heads do call for unity to fight against any effort to oust from office the present Prime Minister cum the Finance Minister, who is graded as the father of the biggest corruption, mismanagement and money-laundering in the history of finance in the world.

61. I do not call those who are corrupt as UMNO leaders but UMNO heads; as heads are those at the top with followers, but leaders, I have earlier, somewhere, upgraded the definition as 'problem solvers'. UMNO heads are certainly not solving the many problems of the nation but they are the cause of them.

62. When the heads of PAS were asked as to their reasons for supporting the Prime Minister Najib, two of the top heads replied, 'We know that he has a problem; we should give him a chance to solve them.'

63. Obviously the heads of PAS are not aware, or pretends to be unaware, that the problem is Najib himself as article No. 117 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of 1MDB directs to Najib, as both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, as being responsible for all transactions made by 1MDB officials, representatives or Board of Directors. In other words 1MDB has only one decision maker responsible for all its transactions 
64. It is obvious that the RM42 billion borrowed money was at a ridiculous cost of RM4.2 billion as 10% commission to Goldman Sachs. The interest rate of more than 6% on RM42 billion is charged to the RM38 billion available funds after the deduction of commission.
65. Part of the RM38 billion available funds, being the balance after deduction of the commission of 10% from the RM42 billion loan, was badly invested, at exorbitant and unreasonably high costs, in purchasing local power plants whose licenses were almost expired. 
66. A big chunk of the RM38 billion was diverted to friends, associates and Najib himself for purposes which are classified by the foreign authorities and bankers involved as embezzlement and money laundering.
67. The local individuals involved in facilitating or investigating the transactions have either eloped to 'unknown' foreign countries, promoted to irrelevant positions, resigned, sacked or transferred out of their positions. Foreign personalities are known to be sacked, denounced, extradited, investigated while waiting to be tried.

68. The license of an old Swiss Bank, BSI, in Singapore is being withdrawn and massive fraudulent activities are being investigated.

69. 1MDB is not a local, but an international scandal which has damaged the good image of Malaysia which was built over 46 years, by 5 previous Prime Ministers, since independence on 31st August, 1957.

70. Malaysia is now classified as among the most corrupt nations in the world. This 'honour' we have not been blessed with in the past.

71. Above all, the RM42 billion loan has now grown to RM50 billion. In order to pay for the interest more loans, in the form of bonds, were issued payable in the far future; most likely after even all the current politicians in power are gone from this world. 

72. As it is The Armed Forces Fund Board (with soldiers as subscribers), The Pilgrimage Fund Board (with Muslim subscribers  saving for the compulsory pilgrimmage to Mecca for the Hajj), The Federal Land Development Authority (the biggest plantation in the world - being accumulation of lots of 10 acres each given to hundreds of thousands of mainly Malays who were landless), The Employees Trust Fund (with subscribers from among the workers in the private and public sectors),  are paying directly or indirectly to buffer and sustain the 1MDB scandal. In addition the 'PEOPLE' or 'RAKYAT' has to pay higher tolls, taxes and above all the GST.
73. The people or 'rakyat' are therefore united at an exorbitant cost beginning at RM42 billion. In other words THE DEMAND in the 'PEOPLE'S DECLARATION' or 'DEKLARASI RAKYAT' is a result of the frustration of the masses, which current institutions, without reform, cannot address.

74. As the Prime Minister, in his oath, to the King, while taking over the office of the Prime Minister, promises to look at the welfare of the PEOPLE by proper management of the country's affairs, has failed to do so, it is to the King that the people are looking for help as AN INSTITUTION OF LAST APPEAL.

75. However, there is still the 'make believe' FEAR, perpetually instilled by interested parties, that cooperation with all opposition parties, particularly the DAP, will result in Malays losing their political power.
76. In actuality, the power that will be lost will be by those who are suffering from the incurable disease called 'CORRUPTION' even when it is called 'DONATION'.
77. It is best that all institutions in the country take over the responsibility of correcting our own affairs as I do not believe that the democratic process can eradicate poverty in a country where the wealthy corruptor is in complete control of the government machinery inclusive of the media, while comparative poverty is still rampant in the country and the level of education, particularly in finance and banking, is minimal. 
78. It would be a shame to the nation, particularly the Malays, if the process of correction, in Malaysia's affairs, is being undertaken by investigators, enforcement officers and the courts in foreign countries.
79. Reading on what is happening let us hope that the International Monetary Fund will not be called upon to assist us in our affairs, as has happened in other countries before. The aid of the IMP does not come without conditions which we will regret to unavoidably accept.   
80. Let us pray to Allah swt,, in this blessed month of Ramadhan, to forgive us our sins and to show us the way forward towards solving the numerous problems that Malaysia is facing. Ameen.



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