Friday, January 13, 2012



1. Alhamdulillah DS Anwar Ibrahim's case is over for now.

2. The people of Malaysia are tired of the word used for what Anwar was supposed to have done.

3. The detail of what one does or does not do will be forgotten with time but one's name, being continuously repeated over a long period of time, will be long remembered. Many politicians that I have read about thinks that it is better to be cursed than to be forgotten.

4. Some people are happy with the judge's decision in Anwar's case while others are unhappy as they believed he did what he was supposed to have done, and thought that he should be punished.

5. The Public Prosecutor would of course be unhappy as he should not have brought the case up if the evidence are shabby.

6. Let's hope that it is not going to be the same with the Sosilawati's case. At least in Anwar's case nobody died. If Anwar had really done it, with consent, many times in the past, they must have enjoyed it together. That's the law recently enacted in India. Consenting adults, of any sexual computations, can do any sexual acts between them.

7. I would advise that all future prosecutions of anybody would only be undertaken after the Public Prosecutor is satisfied with all the evidence.

8. Saiful or 'Mokhtar', as was his identification code name when he called at the flat, is of course unhappy with the judgement as he appeared to be a liar if insufficient evidence is interpreted as Anwar is supposed to have not done what Saiful is supposed to have once suffered.

9. Saiful's family appears to be unhappy and would like Saiful to appeal against the decision in the hope that the higher court would convict Anwar and Saiful's reputation, in this particular charge,  is redeemed.

10. The Bar Council appears to he unhappy with the idea of Saiful appealing probably fearing that the Judiciary, having now proven itself to be an independent institution, might convict Anwar upon appeal and they cannot then blame the Judiciary being pressured by the Barisan National government to do injustice.

11. Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah appears genuinely happy as a loyal and obedient wife and a loving daughter that their loved one in found not guilty. I don't think that Wan Azizah cares about an appeal by Saiful as, by now, she is used to living a turbulent political life.

12. Anwar was certainly surprised, as he was surprised when PKR won so many seats in the last election,  but happy and unhappy of the judge's decision. Happy that he is found not guilty but unhappy that his prediction of being detained was proven wrong. Otherwise there would not have been a Free Anwar 901 campaign.

13. Karpal Singh was initially happy with the acquittal but eventually became unhappy when Anwar claimed that his acquittal was not due to Karpal's ability but to pressure from foreign forces or that the Prime Minister was afraid of his image being tarnished if Anwar is convicted.

14. If that is so than a very innovative transformational chemistry is affecting the Prime Minister.

15. Let us hope that in the government's effort to appear transformatively liberal we do not entertain the gay society of the Phillipines who are happy thinking that our judge is liberal towards their kind, which is actually not the case. However the Phillippino gays community would be more happy if we change the law to legitimize gay, lesbian and bisexual activities in Islamic Malaysia. 

16. Our Prime Minister should be happy with the judgement as Anwar cannot now win votes through sympathy for being trapped in a conspiracy. He won sympathy with the black eyes but not votes

17. The Judge should be happy with his decision, as the risk that he would single-handedly take by convicting Anwar would be judged again by Allah s.w.t. in the after world. Besides not having conclusive evidence it would be safer to acquit.

18. Whoever threw the home-made bombs must be the ones truly unhappy as they would like to do it upon conviction. They were made to believe that Anwar would be convicted.

19. The police should be happy with the acquittal as that would save them the problems of facing a continuous 901 demonstrations to free Anwar. If convicted Anwar would still be able to campaign around for the coming election as his appeal then would take place a few years for a judgement.

20. It is with the foresight of such possibilities that Operasi Lalang was enforced in 1987 with arrests of more than 100 suspects for being potential trouble-makers. Without Operasi Lalang that bigger demonstration would have resulted in more bombings and burning and even racial riots.

21. All cases involving Anwar were during Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tun Abdullah's time, except for the Chinese damsel's sex video revealed by Anwar's old friend Datuk Eskay.

22. The contest in PRU 13 is therefore between what Najib can do and fulfill and what Anwar promises to do.

23. Only the winners in PRU 13 can be truly happy.

24. But it is quite impossible to make everyone happy. It is simpler to make everyone equally unhappy.

25. I once reported to Tun Dr. Mahathir what the Malays were unhappy about the governemt. He asked me whether the Chinese and the Indians are also unhappy with something about the government. I confirmed that they also have their grievances. Tun Dr. Mahathir then told me, 'That's good, it is impossible to make everyone happy. It is also wrong to make only one race happy. It is easier to make everyone equally unhappy'.

26. I must congratulate the judge for his good judgement. It appears that there is a balance of happiness and unhappiness for the right and the wrong reasons.

27. Should Saiful appeal it has nothing to do with Barisan Nasional.


Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that anwar did it

Anonymous said...

I still remember the days when I was studying in Manchester. I was walking alone to the city centre when a car stopped and the driver was a beautiful young Malaysian girl. I cant't say I wasn't happy!
She bent down looked at me and asked "Malaysian?" Soon, I was already in the car and she was driving me all over the city. A beautiful young girl driving me around Manchester on my second day there and I was extremely happy. Then she took me to this place where a gay festival was taking place. I was unhappy to see some young chicks kissing their own gender.

That culture in Malaysia was unthinkable but not any more. That's what makes me unhappy. We have become too liberal. The government is playing safe, closing one eye to what is happening. Anwar's culture is taking over very fast. Some malaysians are happy with the changes but they do not know what is in store after this.

Yes I am happy with the court decision to acquit him. An imprisoned Anwar would be bad for BN but a free Anwar would be bad for the beautiful men around him.

Some ambitious men in Anwar camp are unhappy with the decision. They had already lined up 'the pretenders' who should take over when anwar is jailed. Now it seems that they are not moving anywhere.

I agree that a free Anwar will make things better for BN. If we study history, we will realise that a hero can turn into a villain in just a split second.
people will get tired of a free Anwar. That's a fact.

Karpal is unhappy because with Anwar free, there is no issue. But then again, Karpal is always unhappy with everything.

Cikgu Pakar said...

Dear Tan sri,
I have to say that I am happy with the verdict. Anwar will soon find out that the honeymoon is over. He will soon realise that it is easier to fight when his hands are tied. The support for him is due to sympathies because he can act well.

Anwar bukanlah seorang pemimpin yang cerdik sebaliknya penipu yang pintar. malangnya kita tidak mahu belajar dari kesilapan. Anwar tu tin kosong yang hanya pandai bercakap.

Anwar failed as the Agriculture Minister. I still recall the day when my brother in-law (who was an officer with the Agricuture Ministry) came to me and said "you and those who support Anwar will soon find out that he is just a big-time joke who can only talk but doesnt understand a single thing about his own ministry!"I was left stunned because Anwar was the in-thing at that particular period of time.

Years later Anwar became the Minister of Education and I, being a teacher, met him a few times. I remember the day when he came to Jelebu. There was an issue of graduate and non-graduate teachers then and many were not happy because eventhough they were doing the same job and carrying out similar responsibilities, the pay gap between the two was massive. It dragged for a number of years and Anwar didnt have a clue about it. When he was questioned about the issue by one of the teachers during a question and answer session he arrogantly declared "Saya tahu guru-guru bimbang tentang isu ini kerana saya akan berpindah ke Kementerian Kewangan pada minggu hadapan. namun saya berjanji saya akan menyelesaikan isu ini sebelum saya bertukar" many were left stunned by his answer. If he could not solve it for years, what more in a week? The thing about Anwar is, he doesnt care about what he says. You can do that if you are an opposition but not as a PM.

No matter what critics say about Sanusi Junid, I still think that he is the best Minister of Agriculture the country has seen. No matter how controversial his ideas were, people still talk about the success.

Some who did not understand still try to ridicule the 'tanam padi atas bumbung' thing, oblivious to brilliant motive behind it. Many were worried to leave their land idle soon after the stance.

Anything from DR M or Sanusi Junid was worth listening to. I remember waiting for the news on tv, just to get a glimpse and listen to Dr M and Sanusi. I cant recall any Minister Of Agriculture after that. Come to think of it, I dont even know who is the present Minister of Agriculture.

I dont even look forward to the news on tv ever since dr M and Sanusi retired.

Anonymous said...

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